Challenging Campaign Mode

The campaign is designed to keep you entertained and sharpen your strategic skills

Progress through a series of Levels

Each level has a unique layout and challenges you to find the best strategy to win. Defend against a variety of enemy units with different abilities and behaviors, and adapt your tower placement and upgrades in response to these challenges.

To unlock new levels, you must complete the previous ones. This requires defeating most of the enemy units in the level.

You can earn one, two, or three stars for your performance on a level. Earning three stars on a level is considered a sign of mastery and will unlock special rewards or bonus content.

Waves of streaming ghosts

Each level consists of multiple waves of enemy units that will stream across the map. As you progress through the level, the waves of enemies will become increasingly difficult.

You have to adapt your strategy as the waves become more difficult, switching between different tower types or changing the placement of your towers to better defend against the types of enemies you are facing.

Gameplay Videos

Watch gameplay videos to see how the game looks and plays

Multiple Game Modes

Choose between various game modes and experience a different way to play the game


The campaign is designed to keep you entertained and sharpen your strategic skills.


Survive as many waves of incoming enemies as possible, while repairing your base.


Coming soon.

Defend against the Ghostly Horde

Place towers on the road to prevent enemy units from reaching the end of the path and attack your base

Use a variety of tower types with different abilities to attack and defeat the enemy units, and upgrade your towers to increase their effectiveness. Consider tower placement, upgrades, and the types of enemy units in order to succeed at the game.


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